Use….ReUSE…Don’t let that Wedding Dress sit in the closet!!

Wedding dress shopping has all you could ask for. It usually involves lots of wine, friends and family, and of course trying on about a thousand dresses until you find the perfect one. But the question is what do you do with that dress after the big day is over???

There is a super cool website that allows you to figure out what your dress is worth and list it for sale so other brides can have the option of buying a perfect dress without having to go crazy looking for one. It also allows you to put that dress to work other than just sitting in your closet for 20 years before you end up doing something else with it.

Why not sell that dress and use that money to help you get started in your new life as a married woman?

Check it out as this website has been featured on the Today show, in People magazine, and Good Morning America!

Click Here to check out the awesome calculator that helps you figure out what your dress is worth!