Booking a Wedding Venue, don’t worry if you are still looking for 2014.

Hey there Bs & Gs,

Wedding season is coming to an end and my tour/2014 booking season is in full swing. For most of the lucky couple that were engaged at the beginning of the summer they have found their venue and was able to book while there was till lots of availability. For the rest, the guys did not think about when the ideal time was to be looking for venues and probably just proposed in the past couple months. With an engagement later in the year you have learned one of two things, 1) Most venues have been booked for Saturdays June-September and 2) The venues left with Saturdays open are most likely out of your budget as the most expensive ones are the last booked.

Couple of things I want to help you out with so you do not feel discouraged if you had your heart set on a Saturday wedding.

1) Fridays and Sundays are usually less expensive which can allow for you to spend more money on things such as catering or alcohol.

2) Your friends and family are most likely going to take more than just one day off to attend the wedding. So the difference between taking off a Thursday/Friday or a Friday/Monday is not that big. With this said travel is usually less expensive on a thursday or Monday which brings down the travel cost for your guests.

3) Lodging is usually less expensive on a Friday or Sunday night compared to a Saturday, which again helps your guests with travel costs (maybe they will put that savings into the gift…)

4) There is usually more availability with other vendors such as caterers, photographers, officiants, etc. Which a Saturday could restrict you if you just found a venue with an open Saturday this late in the booking season.

5) A Friday wedding is nice because your guests have saturday and Sunday to either stay in the area and have a mini-vacation or plenty of time to travel back home before work on Monday.

6) A Sunday wedding is nice as well because your guests do not have to miss work on Friday if they do not want to or they can come into town early and enjoy the beginning of the weekend in the County with endless activities. Also, travel on Monday is usually less expensive and the traffic is not as bad going down the mountain.

So after all is said and done Saturdays are usually the first day that pops in your head as you start thinking about planning the wedding, but do not be discouraged if all the Saturdays are taken at your favorite venues. Fridays and Sundays still great options and can even be better options for your guests and your pocket books.

Hope this little information helps!

Happy Planning


Questions to ask when searching for a venue

Hey there Bs & Gs,

I found this blog post today and wanted to share it with everyone. It has a great list of questions to ask your venues when touring. This way you can get all of the informaiton upfront and feel completely comfortable with the venue.

Here is the link to the website:

1. Do you have my date available?

2. How many people can the space hold? Is that number seated or standing?

3. What is the fee for renting the space?

4. What exactly does this fee include? Venues range from just a room rental rate to an all-inclusive (catering, tables, chairs, linens, lighting, etc.).

5. What is excluded from the rental fee? How many hours does the rental rate include?

6. How much is an additional hour?

7. How many parking spots are available for guests?

8. Can we rent additional parking space if needed?

9. Can I use any vendor or do you have list of preferred vendors?

10. Do you do all set up and tear down of items you provide?

11. If the ceremony and reception will be held in the same space will you have enough time and staff to make this a seamless transition?

12. When can I begin set up on my wedding day?

13. If we have an outdoor element do you provide a back-up location if the weather is bad?

14. Are there any restrictions on use of the space? Often times you can’t hang from the ceiling or use open flame candles.

15. Are there restrictions on photography or videography?

16. Are there any noise restrictions?

17. Do I need to get any permits or insurance for the wedding?

18. Is there a bridal room and a groom’s suite?

19. Can I see a sample of items you provide? This is often tables, chairs, linens and china.

20. How much is the deposit?

21. When is the balance due?

22. What forms of payment do you take?

23. What is your cancellation policy?

The good thing is that during your tour of the pavilion we answer every one of these questions and more. I cannot say the same about other venues so use this list as a guide during your search.


Sparklers…cool way to exit, but could also be a fire hazard.

Hey there Bs & Gs,

Hope the planning is going well and that you are staying as stress free as possible. Something I want to throw out there is the fun thing we all enjoyed as kids and still to this day as adults, Sparklers.


While they are super cool at weddings for the exit or pictures we have to also keep in mind that Colorado is under huge fire limitations. If you are thinking about using sparklers at your wedding keep an eye on if your area has fire restrictions or fire bans and know what is allowed and what isn’t. This is not only to help keep your guests and venue safe but the thousands of acres of forest around you. Be smart and know that even if there is not a fire ban or restriction in the area you are holding your wedding you can easily start a fire with these fun little sticks. Here are a couple of tips to keep you fire safe if you do decide to use the sticks of sparks.

1) Have 5 gallon buckets ready to dunk each and every sparkler completely after use. This will ensure that when you dispose of them they are of no threat to whatever container you put them in.
2) Keep an eye on all the websites and signs that relay information about the fire restrictions and fire bans as if there is one in effect and you break the law with sparklers you could get a very hefty fine.
3) Be smart about where you use them. If your exit is through a row of pine trees with dried pine needles everywhere your chances of starting a fire are very high. Try to stay on top of cement or rocks whenever possible and stay as far away from anything that can catch fire.
4) Always have more than one person in charge of making sure all the sparklers are dunked in the buckets of water as all it takes is one person to not be paying attention and throw it on the ground or in a trash bin and set the place ablaze.
5) Once the sparklers have been dunked and deemed not a threat, dispose of them in something that can contain a fire just in case, such as a metal dumpster or metal container.

Follow these tips if you are allowed to use the sparklers and all should be well. As much as a wedding costs the cost of replacing a venue or causing a wildfire is much much more.

Thanks all and happy planning!


Reception Seating Chart

Hey there Brides and Grooms,

Since the beginning of wedding season this year I have been keeping notes on little things that may go unnoticed. One thing is Reception Seating Charts. With the introduction of Pinterest, new and creative seating charts have flooded the wedding industry. I just want to touch on a couple of things about them to help things run a little better the day of.

Above is an example of a pretty popular style and a creative one at that. I love the window pane seating charts, but there is one problem that can occur. It may look organized and help people figure out what table they are sitting at, but the fun begins when they enter the reception area to find their table. If the table numbers or names are not big enough to read from anywhere in the room it forces the person to wander around looking at each table to find their table. This can cause a little chaos and increase the seating time of your guests. We had a wedding that did something similar to this and it took almost 30 minutes for everyone to find their seats. Everyone was wandering around the room and it ended up looking like an auction with people yelling across the room, “This one is table 9!, Anyone see table 4?!”.

So with that said I see two options to really help with the efficiency of getting people seated so the announcing of the B&G can be done sooner compared to later.

1) Feel free to do a creative Seating chart such as the one above, but make sure that the table numbers/names are visible from anywhere in the room. This way people can walk in and see their table from the entrance or within a couple minutes of walking around.
2) Have a seating chart that mimics where the tables are set in the room and make it clear that the placement is the same in the room so they know exactly where to go.

Of course you will always have the people that missed the seating chart or missed the correlation, but for the majority it will decrease the time to seat everyone and help keep everything on schedule.

Hope this helps! Happy Planning!


Just in case you haven’t heard

We are proud to announce that The Silverthorne Pavilion has been rated by local brides and voted The Knot Best of Weddings 2013 Pick.

The Knot Best of Weddings 2013

We would like to personally thank each and every one of you for choosing the Silverthorne Pavilion as the venue for your big day. We enjoy working with you and wish nothing but the best for you all.


The Silverthorne Pavilion Staff

Linen Mania!

I have been receiving a lot of inquiries for linen sizes for the tables we have. I have decided to put together a post to touch base on basic linens in relation to the tables available at the Pavilion.

Table Linen

Round Tables:

60″ Round (8-9 People)
Linen to the ground = 120″ linen
Linen half way to the ground = 90″ linen

48″ Round (6 People)
Linen to the ground = 108″ linen
Linen half way to the ground = 78″ linen

36″ Cocktail Tables
Linen to the ground = 120″ linen (this does not include a ribbon tie around it, if you want to ribbon tie you will need longer)
Linen halfway to the ground = 78″ linen

Rectangular Tables:

6ft Rectangle (buffet, cake, drinks, single sided 3 people, double sided 6 people)
Linen to the ground = 90 x 132″
Linen halfway to the ground = 60 x 102″

8ft Rectangle (buffet, cake, drinks, single sided 4 people, double sided 8 people)
Linen to the ground = 90 x 156″
Linen half way to the ground = 60 x 126″

If you would like the linen to be between the ground and halfway just go between those measurements.

I just learned about a linen website that has very inexpensive linens as well. looks to be a good way to try and save a little money compared to renting them.

Hope this helps!