Brown. It’s the (mountain) black.

Here in Summit County we pride ourselves on showing the world what it means to be casual, laid back and friendly. Our idea of “formal” usually involves wearing some sort of khaki on your lower half instead of jeans.

Blair and I have found it’s that aspect of our mountain venue that is appealing to our brides and guests. The serene mountain setting (we’re bordered to the west by Buffalo Mountain and to the east by the Blue River) and our self-termed “rustic elegant” facility combine to offer brides a wealth of opportunity to either dress the room with lavish chair covers, or to keep it simple and allow the wood floors, exposed trusses, and hand-crafted leather chandeliers to create the atmosphere they desire.

The Silverthorne Pavilion features rustic features like hand-crafted leather chandeliers.
Hand-crafted leather and iron chandeliers like this one contribute to the Pavilion's "rustic elegant" ambiance.

For those brides who desire to bring the “outdoors in” by relying on the Pavilion’s rustic decor, we often see lots of non-traditional summer colors…Forest greens, rust reds, golden yellows, and browns. And, as it turns out, brown is the new “it” color for weddings regardless of the time of year.

So for all you summer brides hosting a mountain wedding who know in your heart of hearts that brown is the color that will help you create your dream wedding, but are hesitant because it’s not the standard fruity color of summer, check out this collection on the Wedding Channel.

They’ve posted a picture gallery of everything from cakes to invitations all done with brown as the central color – and that have done it in a way to convey class and elegance without it seeming heavy or fall-ish. In fact, the phrase they use to describe the gallery is “sumptuous brown.” If that doesn’t make you crave a rich, dark chocolate and convince you that it’s a color worth considering – particularly if you’re hosting your wedding at a venue surrounded by evergreen trees – I don’t know what will!


Destination Wedding Activities

The Silverthorne Pavilion is a wedding venue located in a resort community, and caters to destination weddings.  Often with destination weddings, guests come for the wedding but are also here to experience the mountains and to discover why the mountains are so important and meaningful to you.  A great activity for guests is a rafting or fishing trip down the Upper or Lower Blue River.

When you first put in on the Upper Blue River, you float under bridges, around bends and past open farm lands.  It is a great time to relax, maybe throw a fishing line in the water and take in the mountain views of the Gore Range over to your left.  You pass a campground on your left where you can see the effect of the mountain pine beetle on our eco-system; there are campers lining the shore for the tree removal workers.  A couple more bends and you find yourself floating into the canyon, where you can see the whitewater ahead of you.  Your heart starts to beat a little faster and as you drop into the first wave train you can feel the perma-grin take hold of your facial muscles.  As wave after wave explodes in your face and over your body you can feel the adrenaline rushing through your body.  After about twenty minutes, which feels like five minutes, you are at the take out, soaking wet, and wanting more!

A good time is sure to be had by all!  So check out some of the local outfits here in the county; there are a ton of great ones, and get your guests outside enjoying the area that you chose to host your wedding!  With gold medal fishing waters and Class 3 rapids, there is something for everyone.


Managing a Destination Wedding

We’ve often estimated that, at the Silverthorne Pavilion, about 90% of our weddings are destinations – brides and grooms live as close as the Front Range to as far reaching as the Coasts, and guests arrive from points in between. Planning your dream wedding can be difficult enough…Planning a destination wedding can have some additional nuances.

It can help to use tools like this one on to help manage the little “extras” that you need to think of when planning a wedding that’s not in your home town.

We’ll be spending more time in the future talking about Silverthorne and Summit County as a destination wedding location, but this’ll get you started in the right direction!


Go vintage and create a lasting impression

At the Pavilion, we have a large variety of table shapes and sizes for brides to choose from, but the favorite seems to be the 60-inch tables that comfortably seat 8.

This morning we stumbled on this site that had some fresh, unique ideas for round table settings. I love the idea of using vintage settings and fabrics! Mixing and matching linens and fabrics will definitely leave a lasting impression with your guests.