Oxygen Bar. Great for those out of town guests

Wedding Oxygen Bar

One of the biggest concerns I hear from Bs and Gs is that they are worried about all of their out of town guests getting HAI or High Altitude Illness. This is because the air is thinner which means less oxygen for our bodies. People start to feel dizzy, weak, dehydrated, and just all around sick when they come from a lower elevation to Summit County. While there are many remedies to help reduce the risk of feeling these symptoms, most people do not prepare the way they should. You have probably seen the little gimmicky oxygen canisters at the drug store for $20, but those are not the way to go. If you want to offer something neat to your guests during your wedding an oxygen bar is gaining popularity in the mountain regions.

Summit Oxygen of Dillon (right down the street) is offering oxygen bars for events such as weddings where people can sit and relax while enjoying flavored oxygen to help them feel better about the altitude and keep them going all night long. Dancing at 9,000 feet is quite different than dancing at sea level and after about 5 minutes your guests are already exhausted, so give them some oxygen to bring them right back to their feet.

You can contact Summit Oxygen at (970) 406-8518 or check them out on the web at www.summitoxygen.net

Happy Planning!

Rob & Blair

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