Ready, Set, Pay Attention!

One thing that I have come across throughout the past couple of years is the wedding app phenomenon. Brides and Grooms in this technologically savvy world are trying to add something to their weddings that others do not have, enter the wedding app. There are many of them out there but most revolve around guests using their phones to download the app and upload pictures throughout the night. Great idea if you do not mind the majority of your guests being on their phones all night.

What wedding professionals have found is that these apps are taking guests away from the celebration and putting them on their phones. Guests become distracted with taking pictures to post than actually paying attention to what is going on.

To stop this fiasco from happening, Rustic Wedding Chic has written a blog post on how to have an unplugged wedding. If this is something you have been thinking about or have not thought about yet, this post is for you.

Check it out as they have some really good points not to pass over and also how to have an unplugged wedding without upsetting people.



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