Booking a Wedding Venue, don’t worry if you are still looking for 2014.

Hey there Bs & Gs,

Wedding season is coming to an end and my tour/2014 booking season is in full swing. For most of the lucky couple that were engaged at the beginning of the summer they have found their venue and was able to book while there was till lots of availability. For the rest, the guys did not think about when the ideal time was to be looking for venues and probably just proposed in the past couple months. With an engagement later in the year you have learned one of two things, 1) Most venues have been booked for Saturdays June-September and 2) The venues left with Saturdays open are most likely out of your budget as the most expensive ones are the last booked.

Couple of things I want to help you out with so you do not feel discouraged if you had your heart set on a Saturday wedding.

1) Fridays and Sundays are usually less expensive which can allow for you to spend more money on things such as catering or alcohol.

2) Your friends and family are most likely going to take more than just one day off to attend the wedding. So the difference between taking off a Thursday/Friday or a Friday/Monday is not that big. With this said travel is usually less expensive on a thursday or Monday which brings down the travel cost for your guests.

3) Lodging is usually less expensive on a Friday or Sunday night compared to a Saturday, which again helps your guests with travel costs (maybe they will put that savings into the gift…)

4) There is usually more availability with other vendors such as caterers, photographers, officiants, etc. Which a Saturday could restrict you if you just found a venue with an open Saturday this late in the booking season.

5) A Friday wedding is nice because your guests have saturday and Sunday to either stay in the area and have a mini-vacation or plenty of time to travel back home before work on Monday.

6) A Sunday wedding is nice as well because your guests do not have to miss work on Friday if they do not want to or they can come into town early and enjoy the beginning of the weekend in the County with endless activities. Also, travel on Monday is usually less expensive and the traffic is not as bad going down the mountain.

So after all is said and done Saturdays are usually the first day that pops in your head as you start thinking about planning the wedding, but do not be discouraged if all the Saturdays are taken at your favorite venues. Fridays and Sundays still great options and can even be better options for your guests and your pocket books.

Hope this little information helps!

Happy Planning


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