Sparklers…cool way to exit, but could also be a fire hazard.

Hey there Bs & Gs,

Hope the planning is going well and that you are staying as stress free as possible. Something I want to throw out there is the fun thing we all enjoyed as kids and still to this day as adults, Sparklers.


While they are super cool at weddings for the exit or pictures we have to also keep in mind that Colorado is under huge fire limitations. If you are thinking about using sparklers at your wedding keep an eye on if your area has fire restrictions or fire bans and know what is allowed and what isn’t. This is not only to help keep your guests and venue safe but the thousands of acres of forest around you. Be smart and know that even if there is not a fire ban or restriction in the area you are holding your wedding you can easily start a fire with these fun little sticks. Here are a couple of tips to keep you fire safe if you do decide to use the sticks of sparks.

1) Have 5 gallon buckets ready to dunk each and every sparkler completely after use. This will ensure that when you dispose of them they are of no threat to whatever container you put them in.
2) Keep an eye on all the websites and signs that relay information about the fire restrictions and fire bans as if there is one in effect and you break the law with sparklers you could get a very hefty fine.
3) Be smart about where you use them. If your exit is through a row of pine trees with dried pine needles everywhere your chances of starting a fire are very high. Try to stay on top of cement or rocks whenever possible and stay as far away from anything that can catch fire.
4) Always have more than one person in charge of making sure all the sparklers are dunked in the buckets of water as all it takes is one person to not be paying attention and throw it on the ground or in a trash bin and set the place ablaze.
5) Once the sparklers have been dunked and deemed not a threat, dispose of them in something that can contain a fire just in case, such as a metal dumpster or metal container.

Follow these tips if you are allowed to use the sparklers and all should be well. As much as a wedding costs the cost of replacing a venue or causing a wildfire is much much more.

Thanks all and happy planning!


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