Reception Seating Chart

Hey there Brides and Grooms,

Since the beginning of wedding season this year I have been keeping notes on little things that may go unnoticed. One thing is Reception Seating Charts. With the introduction of Pinterest, new and creative seating charts have flooded the wedding industry. I just want to touch on a couple of things about them to help things run a little better the day of.

Above is an example of a pretty popular style and a creative one at that. I love the window pane seating charts, but there is one problem that can occur. It may look organized and help people figure out what table they are sitting at, but the fun begins when they enter the reception area to find their table. If the table numbers or names are not big enough to read from anywhere in the room it forces the person to wander around looking at each table to find their table. This can cause a little chaos and increase the seating time of your guests. We had a wedding that did something similar to this and it took almost 30 minutes for everyone to find their seats. Everyone was wandering around the room and it ended up looking like an auction with people yelling across the room, “This one is table 9!, Anyone see table 4?!”.

So with that said I see two options to really help with the efficiency of getting people seated so the announcing of the B&G can be done sooner compared to later.

1) Feel free to do a creative Seating chart such as the one above, but make sure that the table numbers/names are visible from anywhere in the room. This way people can walk in and see their table from the entrance or within a couple minutes of walking around.
2) Have a seating chart that mimics where the tables are set in the room and make it clear that the placement is the same in the room so they know exactly where to go.

Of course you will always have the people that missed the seating chart or missed the correlation, but for the majority it will decrease the time to seat everyone and help keep everything on schedule.

Hope this helps! Happy Planning!


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