It is getting to be about that time…

With the Summer wedding season right around the corner we are in full swing at the Pavilion. Floor plans, timelines, logistics, caterers, entertainment, lighting, etc….it’s consuming our lives. I feel you, Brides and Grooms, we are here for you. For you June, July, August, September weddings we are a couple of months away from getting back those RSVPs to know how many we need to seat for, but with the increasing popularity of Pinterest we are starting to discover new and exciting ideas. One topic I want to touch on is the reception setup.

March is kicking off my planning with multiple weddings. Of course since it is still freezing out with a foot of snow on the ground we are doing everything inside, ceremony to cocktail hour where we flip the room to the reception and then unveil the transformation to the guests. I have been working with Brides on new and creative layouts for the reception and ceremony….everything from spiral to diamond ceremonies and traditional receptions to family style seating. I love when the Bride comes to me with ideas on how she would like the room set (eh eh, Pinterest postings).

When we are thinking about setting the room for the reception I would like to throw a couple of guidelines to keep in mind while you are brainstorming:

1) How many RSVP’s do you expect to receive? You don’t want to come up with a floor plan for 125 that might grow to 150. This may result in starting the entire floor plan process over. Make a floor plan for the higher number and then if the numbers are less, we can explore using the same floor plan or changing everything around. It is better to plan for more and have less than the other way around.

2) What is your style, theme, flow? If you are planning a traditional ceremony, traditional decorations, and utilizing the popular wedding traditions it may not be the best idea to get crazy with your receptions’ floor plan. If you are going opposite of the traditional style, let’s have some fun and get creative. Make the setup reflect you as a couple.

3) Are your guests dancers? If yes, then let’s have a big dance floor. If no, then let’s not have a big dance floor which would make everyone feel like they are the only people out there.

4) Head table or no head table? Do you want the wedding party seated with you? Do you want their dates to sit with them? Or maybe you just want a sweetheart table for you and your sweetie.

5) Buffet or plated dinner/lunch? Plated dinners tend to run a little more expensive than buffet but then again buffets take up more space.

Here are a couple of websites to assist in your brainstorming:




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