For a less stress Wedding…

Hello Brides and Grooms. The busy wedding season has been a blast and I have to say that for my first season I have seen more things than I thought were possible. I can talk centerpieces, party favors, bouquets, buffet setups, seating chart ideas, and even dress styles for hours. Over the summer I have paid attention to many things in regards to the planning process on the Bride and Grooms side. Being in my position my attention to detail has to be immaculate and over this season I have defiantly been able to dial it in. Checklists, post-its, email and phone reminders, hands covered in pen, everything short of tying a string around my finger has helped in developing my process.

One think I would like to chat about is organization on the other side, the side of the Bride and Groom (or mainly the Bride) in regards to keeping all the ducks in a row. As soon as one of those ducks run off it can cause all kinds of chaos. One of the best ways to keep all those little guys walking in that straight line is a checklist. Not just any checklist, but a checklist that breaks everything down to the itty bitty pieces that most people would say, “really? You need a line item about checking your email?” Seems like some stuff should be common sense, but when you have a million things on your mind those little things can slip away. The better the checklist , the more smooth things will go.

After looking at multiple websites, magazines, and talking to wedding planners/coordinators I have narrowed down a handful of great checklists. Seems like there would be one hidden somewhere that would top them all and unfortunately (or fortunately, however you look at it) the ones which are the easiest to find are also some of the best ones out there…..and they are free. has a great one that allows you to put your date in and it automatically breaks it down into what needs to happen in what months and such. It allows you to add items, remove items, etc. Complete customization is a great feature and the fact that they have thought of things that need to be there is a great starting point. is a very good checklist that is similar to the Knot and allows you to add items and breaks everything down by month. The interface is a bit easier to read than the Knot, but the functionality is very similar. has a basic one (not as good as above), but if you are looking for something that will get the job done and doesn’t make you customize anything, this is the one for you. has one but they have been under construction for a couple weeks now and I have not been able to play around too much on their site. Once it gets up and running I feel it will be a good one as well.

The importance of having a checklist and continuing to update it is the main point of this post. The more organized you are the less chaotic things will be as the date gets closer. Planning your wedding is supposed to be fun, exciting, and easy. I do not want my Brides to be stressed, as the more stressed they are the more stressed I will become. Being stressed out is not needed in any aspect of life….especially when planning your wedding. It’s a day of celebration not headaches.

So remember Ladies and Gentlemen, be organized, be stress free. Happy Planning!


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