Make a list and check it twice!

Brides and Grooms of the Mountains and all around the world have I got a story for you. Let me start by filling you in about where I come from. I grew up in a small farm town in Michigan. To show you how small it was we put in the second stoplight of our town when I was a junior in high school. We had one small grocery store (closed within the last month so now there is none), one gas station, and a fishing shop that is known as the largest fishing store in southwest Michigan.

I recently went back home for a wedding of one of my best friends. The bachelor party was Thursday night (camping because no one wanted to leave the area) and the wedding on Saturday. Flying in from Denver on Thursday, taking a train, and then being picked up by one of my buddies I was excited to see everyone and party since I witness everyone else get their party on at the weddings held at the Pavilion on a weekly basis. Bachelor party was like old times with beverages around the campfire and we were dying because it was 90 degrees at 10pm with 75% humidity. During the night the groom tells me, that right doesn’t ask but tells me, that he figured I could do the music for the reception. What!?!?!?! I just looked at him with a face that must have looked like “you have to be kidding me?” and expressed that I did not have anything with me to do music. He stated that our buddy has a laptop and he was going to use the sound system from his house. Hahaha! Only in podunk Michigan. I accept, knowing that I didn’t really have a choice anyway. Since I will not see my buddy with the laptop until Saturday Morning I planned on doing the playlist then. The ceremony was held at the Groom’s grandparents house and was for close family and since I was told to not come I planned on doing the playlist during that time. Well of course that day turns into nothing but chaos. I leave my suit at my Aunt’s house 50 minutes away and then have to borrow my date’s younger brother’s slacks. Which I am glad that kinda happened because I would have been way overdressed. Most people were in jeans/shorts and polos. I get a call 20 minutes before the ceremony and hear the Groom telling me he wants me at the ceremony. I am about 25 minutes away so I jump in my dates car and drive there as fast as I can through the back roads of Michigan. I get to the ceremony and of course they are having a late start. It’s hot as hades out and the Groom and Groomsmen are in full tuxes for an outside ceremony. Ceremony is over before we know it and I congratulate the Bride and Groom and take off because I now have 2 hours to make a playlist and get ready for the reception. I rock out a playlist in about an hour and then get ready with the rest of the people I am riding with. We are getting ready to leave which gives us 25 minutes to get to the reception which is about 25 minutes away and the Groom again calls me and asks if I have a cable to connect the laptop to his sound system. hahaha!Of course I do not because all I brought from Denver was a bag of clothes. I tell him we will grab one but we are going to be late. We grab the cable and end up 30 minutes late to the reception. Walking into the reception hall I felt like we were walking into a library. Dead silent with everyone eating, no talking at all. You could hear a pin drop in that place. I run to the sound system and plug my phone in with pandora just so we could have some kind of music to cut the tension that was in the room. The kicker is that we didn’t even end up using the playlist because everyone wanted to request songs from the internet and such. So instead of just hitting play on the playlist I ended up being DJ Robby Rob and taking requests. Another kicker is that no one even danced everyone just wanted to drink and run around.

So the moral of this story is Brides and Grooms please make a list of all the details related to your BIG DAY. Everything from the food, music, who will be running the ceremony (who will be telling who when to walk and such), decorations, CLEANUP, all the way down to a timeline of what is going to happen and when. This is going to make everything go sooooooo much easier for everyone and you won’t have friends and family running around stressed out because you asked them to do something last minute.

Happy Planning!


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