Suck it up Ladies

It’s crunch time for most of you right now. Some of you accepted that planning your wedding was going to be the most time-consuming process of your life and there was no way that you were going shred those pounds before the BIG DAY. Some of you think there is still time and that is why the person who fit you for your dress told you to be back a couple of weeks out to be re-sized because you told them you were going to work your butt off (literally). Some of you have been attending classes at the local gym or watching what you eat on a daily basis and good for you! Some of you have been so consumed that you didn’t even think about it or didn’t notice those couple of extra “stress” pound slowing sneak in. Now you are noticing “o crap! I have to get in a dress in one, two, or three months”. I am here to tell you two things, first you have time and second he loves you the way you are.

Most of you don’t know this, but I am a Certified Personal Trainer as well as a Certified Nutritionist as well. Meeting with the Brides I am working with this year and reading countless articles about how to get in shape for that white dress, I hear people doing the right stuff and the wrong stuff. Fasting, fad dieting, cleanses, training like you’re a professional athlete, or just pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion, all worry me a little bit. Everyone is looking for that quick fix answer to get them in the dress and look fabulous. I want to touch on a couple of things to help you along this path in a safe and efficient way.

First off, when it comes to any weight loss, muscle toning, or performance goal it is 70% diet. Cutting out the fat, no sodium, and only eating all fruit and veggies is not what I am talking about. Only a complete balanced and healthy diet along with the correct physical activity is going to help you achieve your goals. Again, only 30% of your goal is related to the physical activity portion. Your body will naturally eliminate un-needed body weight if your diet is providing you with the correct amount of good nutrients. When you are consuming calories in excess or the wrong calories your body will begin to store them in places you do not want them stored and it will slow you down.

This article does a good job as to why quick diets are not good for you.

The tips given in this article are great to get you on your way to looking how you want for the BIG DAY as well as feeling great! A good balanced diet, safe exercise, and plenty of water is what will help you achieve your weight loss goals.

So come on Ladies, don’t let the stress get to you and watch what you eat. In the end you will thank yourself for not indulging in those cookies, cake, chocolate, or fast food as you are stressed out and on the go with your planning. So remember while you are doing your tastings that you do not need an entire piece of cake of every cake to see how it tastes or an entire plate of BBQ. Your taste buds only need a little snip of food to determine if something tastes good or not. Take a deep breath, drink some water and munch on some healthy snacks while you are out and about. You carry that purse for a reason so make sure you have something healthy to fight those cravings along the way.

Good luck, stay strong, and know that you can do it.


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