The hookup

Hey Ladies! I hope the wedding planning is going well for everyone and we are all keeping smiles on our faces. I am having such a good time working with all of you and am growing with excitement as the wedding season gets busier and busier. I have been working hard to help out with not only the Pavilion side of things, but also with the other aspects that will make your day memorable. I have been creating relationships with Lodging Partners, Photographers, Bands and DJs, Photo Booths, Caterers, all the way to Spas and Salons. I have been keeping my ears and eyes open to businesses who are willing to “hook up” my Brides and Grooms with discounts for having their BIG DAY up here in the high country at the Silverthorne Pavilion.

Most recently I have been aware of Wildernest Vacation Rentals doing a group discount of 20% for Weddings. Check out their website at for their deal and what they have to offer.

Colleen Meheen, founder and owner of Elan-Life Spa has recently expanded her business into the Town Center where the Pavilion is located and will be opening the doors of a new Wellness and Beauty Spa. She is also mobile and can do her beauty services anywhere which makes this a great opportunity for Brides who are getting ready off/on-site of the Pavilion or having their ceremony somewhere other than the Pavilion’s beautiful lawn or riverside site. Colleen is offering the following special to Brides who choose the Pavilion as their venue.

“I want to extend a special discount to brides that are utilizing the Pavilion for their special day. If you choose to work with me, I will complete free makeup on the Bride’s Mother as well as free eyelash tabbing for the bride. In addition to this special offer, I will discount the entire price of the makeup application for the whole group by 10%.”

Please check out her website to see the full array of services she offers , she is also listed under the Resources Guide section of this blog.

So Ladies, I hope all is well and you are enjoying your summers. It is beautiful here in the high country and I am looking forward to working with you more and more as you day gets closer. I want to say thank you for choosing the Silverthorne Pavilion as your venue and I will continue to keep an eye out for more opportunities to help you out along the way.




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