We want to look good too!

Hey Ladies, I have a bone to pick with you.

Let’s talk fashion for a second. There are thousands of dresses out there for the Bride to choose from and don’t get me wrong you will look fabulous in whatever one you choose, but what about the Groom? Why is it that the Bride is in a dress significantly different from the Brides Maids and all the Groom gets is a pocket square or a boutonniere to separate himself from the groomsmen? We want to look good to damn it! Remember it is our day too, yeah we may not want to be as involved with picking out the flower arrangements or the place settings, but we want to be noticed as well even if we don’t voice it.

We are stuck wearing the same outfit as the groomsmen which means the guests (who don’t know us personally) have to use deductive reasoning to figure out who the Groom is. We don’t want to get lost in the crowd. We want to stand out, maybe not as much as you, but we want to be noticed and look GOOD! Who says we can’t have the groomsmen all wear the same outfit like the brides maids and we get to wear a slick suit or tux that differentiates us from them? Remember it wouldn’t be a wedding without both individuals…

Take a look at these couple of pictures that came from www.Brides.com. Here is an example of how the Groom wore a sweet baby blue tux and the groomsmen were put into completely different attire.

whimsical, romantic, garden New York real wedding

whimsical, romantic, garden New York real wedding I have to say that this is exactly what I am talking about. The Groom is the Groom and the groomsmen are the groomsmen, no guessing! Here is another option from www.Brides.comfor the groom and of course you would not put the groomsmen in this same suit.

Here is a great picture of how it would look with the Groom in different attire than the rest of the groomsmen.Image Detail See this can work! The Groom gets to look sharp and the groomsmen do not lose any aesthetic qualities either. Ladies remember the Groom is going to be in almost every picture you are on that day. Don’t you want him to look smashing as well??????
It has taken me multiple conversations in the office before I was able to get this point across to Blair without her looking at me with those Bridezilla eyes. We have definitely come to the conclusion that it can be pulled off with style. Of course it all comes back to what outfit you are talking about because you can’t take an overweight 5’7″ man and expect him to look like the guy in the yellow suit walking down the runway now can we….and that is an entirely different conversation all together now isn’t it.
Ok Ladies that was my rant and rave for the day. Let us know what you think about this. Can we as the Groom have our part of the day too? Can we be different from the groomsmen? Leave your feedback, I would love to see what your thoughts are.
Maybe this is just me speaking because I consider myself fashionable, but from some of the Grooms I have spoken with are all about looking their best as they stand next to you up there. We want to look good too! 
Yours Truly,

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