Say “Cheese”!

The 2012 year has kicked off to a great start with multiple weddings already under our belt. With the “real” wedding season just around the corner it has been a great warm-up to work with all the brides and grooms thus far. The new improvements of the Pavilion have really shown their worth. Newly re-finished floors and a rockin’ new sound system are just a couple of goodies we have added to the Pavilion’s bag of tricks.

One thing that I have seen gaining popularity with wedding reception entertainment is Photo Booths. That’s right, old school pull the curtain and get your funny face on Photo Booths. Not only does it create memories that can be put into a “wedding day photo album”, but it also gives family and guests something else to do when their feet start to hurt from too much boogie. With many Photo Booth rentals popping through the cracks it seems that each one has something different to offer.

Recently we had Bamboo Booth out of Denver set up for a wedding and the Bride, Groom, and the rest of the gang had tons of fun in front of the camera.

With props and some fun personalities you can see how this could be a blast. Not only does it give your guests something to take home with them, it gives them the opportunity to create a memory of their own.

Remember, be unique. Make your day “YOUR DAY”, do what you wanna do.

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