The Lists

We’ve been kind of bad as far as posts go lately…this transition period has been crazy!  But now that we have Rob up to speed and rocking and rolling, we are back!  Rob and I will both be posting on a regular basis again.  So with that said, I’m back!  But let me please preface this post with the reminder/disclaimer that I am from the South, and weddings are an (absurdly) big deal down there.  I want my Colorado wedding to be the best non-southern wedding that my guests have every attended!

So I don’t know if you guys remember my last post, “The Zen Bride”, well she has flown the coop and “Zilla” has officially taken over!  My wedding is now less than 5 months away and I cannot believe it!  When I posted “Zen Bride” I felt like I had tons of time to get everything taken care of, and then, I blinked my eyes, and we were five months out.  Here are THE lists:

Things that I HAVE done:

-My dress is ordered and should be in by May, plenty of time to have it altered, etc.  I ordered from Little White Dress shop in the Highlands.  I didn’t order it until the end of December, and really couldn’t have waited too much longer.

-The venue is secured, as is the rehearsal dinner venue.

-Caterers secured for both, menu TBD.

-Babysitters have been secured for the ceremony and reception – more on babies at your ceremony in a future post…

-Celebrant is secured, but we have not met with him yet, though the meeting has been scheduled…

-Photographer is secured; one of the first things that I did, but we have not had an engagement session yet…need to figure out when would work best for that…

-save the dates are out, whew!

-website is up, needs some tweaks, but it’s up…

Things that I HAVE NOT done yet:

-pick out/order bridesmaid dresses – This is a BIG one, because, like my dress, it takes time to order them and then my maids need time to have them altered.  This is currently at the top of the list.

-Secure a band – another item at the top of the list.  There are tons of bands out there, but it is just so hard to tell how they will sound at a wedding.  Will everyone be out on the dance floor?  You certainly don’t want the entertainment to be a bust.

-Haven’t even thought about invitations, need to get on that.  Are you hiring a calligrapher?  Or just addressing the envelopes yourself?  Not sure what to do there…

-Securing transportation to and from the rehearsal dinner.  The wedding and reception are in the same location and everyone is staying onsite.

-Flowers – have an idea of what I want, but have done nothing about it

How is your wedding planning going?  Does your “to-do” list look anything like mine?  Any advice, suggestions, etc, is warmly welcomed!

Blair (aka “Zilla”)

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