Welcome Rob!


I hope that wedding planning finds you well!  I can’t believe that spring is right around the corner!  There have been some changes at the Pavilion in the past couple of months, and I wanted to take a moment to fill you in on those changes and to introduce ourselves.

Many of you may know me already, my name is Blair Lollis, and I have been working at the Town of Silverthorne since November 2008, as the Pavilion Events Assistant.  I was recently promoted to the Pavilion and Marketing Coordinator position with the Town, and couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity.  There are so many exciting things happening at the Town right now and I look forward to my new role.

We are very excited to introduce Rob DeVerna as our new Pavilion Events Assistant.  Rob has been with the Town since April 2011, working as a front desk attendant at the Recreation Center and is very excited to jump into his new role.  Rob is a very creative person with lots of ideas and I know you will enjoy working with him.  Please join me in welcoming Rob!

I will be turning the majority of communications for private rentals and events over to Rob, so you will want to contact him directly with any questions or concerns.  You can reach Rob at 970.262.7390, or via email at rdeverna@silverthorne.org.

I am still with the Town and the Pavilion, but am taking on a different role.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns, but you are in good hands with Rob.

We look forward to playing a role in your special day!


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