Programs! Programs! Get your program!

We’ve been otherwise engaged for a bit, so we thought it only fitting to post our first musings in a long while on the day of the Royal Wedding. (The blogs are buzzing with pictures, thoughts, and opinions at this point, so we’ll simply direct you to the few thoughts we shared this morning on Rocky Mountain Bride.)

Instead, we’ll share a fabulous idea from one of the most elaborate weddings hosted at the Pavilion. As the CEO and COO of Footers Catering in Denver, the bride and groom hosted nine different stations, from sliders to Asian to fried alligator tail at their reception – detailed in a program booklet. (The pictures below are of their program. I LOVE this idea. I especially like how they shared little tidbits about themselves throughout the booklet. Fabulous idea to steal, brides-to-be!)

Footers has an architect on staff who designed sets for each of the stations…so the Asian Bento Box station was literally a giant bento box. An actual tailgate from a truck was staged with beer kegs. It was over-the-top fabulous.

In addition to the food, April and Anthony incorporated things into their wedding that were certainly non-traditional, and they weren’t afraid to let the party be an expression of themselves…For example, they didn’t have a cake. Instead, they shared their own favorite desserts (cookies and doughnut holes) with their guests.

The couple also hosted a variety of activities throughout the evening, including the Newlywed Trivia Bracket. It was a great way for people to interact besides just standing around with a cocktail in hand. Photo booths are becoming quite the mainstay at receptions these days, but I love how – again – they personalized the idea by turning the pictures into their guest book.

The last page of the program was dedicated to thank yous…My mother instilled in me that hand writing thank-you notes is not just good etiquette, but just plain polite. So the fact that April and Anthony took the time to thank their parents and give a nod to everyone who contributed to making their day special was fabulous.

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