Wedding Bells and Bulk Buying

Here’s something you don’t hear every day: “Weddings by Costco.”

Blair has a Costco membership, and that was the headline on this month’s promotional magazine from the consumer warehouse. At first blush, it just seems silly. But in our site tours, we talk about places to save a buck during the wedding planning process – and Costco comes up a lot.

As in, “You’re welcome to bring in your own non-alcoholic beverages and water – we highly recommend making a Costco run for things like juice boxes, soda and bottled water.”

And, “In this closet are all the materials you can use to construct centerpices…vases, floating bowls, river rocks, beads…we have a lot of brides who opt to save money by purchases bundles of flowers from Costco instead of using a florist.”

This article from The Costco Connection has a lot more ideas – from purchasing favors to cakes to wedding dresses from the warehouse.

At the Pavilion, you’re welcome to self-cater, or work with a caterer of your choice. The article showcases vegetable trays and other appetizer platters. Even just purchasing trays from Costco for cocktail hour could save a bundle.

We have to admit to being a tad disappointed, though, that we couldn’t find a way to view the wedding dress collection online – nor see what the cost was. You have to make an appointment for one of their Special Events.

We often get on a cost savings soap box when it comes to wedding details…there are things about your wedding that you and your guests will remember for a lifetime. And then there are things that you spend a great deal of money on that no one even notices. Trust us when we say that no one will notice the beautiful Gerber daisies floating in bowl are from Costco. But the savings will allow you to spend money on the things that are important to you.

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