Wedding Wit from E. Jean

I think I’ve mentioned before that I am hopelessly addicted to fashion magazines – Elle, in particular. One of my favorite features of the mag is the “Ask E. Jean” advice column.

The lead letter in January’s issue was relevant to us, and I found it hilarious. The summary is that the bride paid $5,000 for a photographer, and doesn’t “want a Sidekick LX to trump my investment with an off-center shot of me, or anyone else, looking less than fantastic.” She’s asking how to ask her guests not to take and/or post pictures of her wedding on Facebook and other social media outlets without sounding like a Bridezilla.

Here’s a snippet of Auntie E’s response:

“…if you want to come off as a backlit hissy twit, then go ahead: Outlaw cameras and give the “professional” the run of the place.”

Hilarious. Candid. Perhaps cruel. But everything we were  thinking while reading.

I posted a snapshot image of the full article below; I’d love to post a link to it here, but our town internet usage forbids me to visit…You can visit E. Jean’s website, though, by clicking here. Enjoy!

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