Planning a Green Wedding, Part 2

Unlike the last time we wrote about tips for planning a “green” wedding, this time we are talking about how your flower choices can impact the environment.

Consider this statement:

“Of the roughly four billion stems we buy each year, 78% are imported, mostly from Latin America.”

That’s a lot o’ flowers trucked in from somewhere else…which means a lot of fossil fuels burned during transport. Here in our small town, folks are encouraged to buy local to support our economy. We have lots of small retailers selling wares, and supporting them helps our community grow and thrive.

Where you purchase your wedding flowers not only has an economic impact on our community, but on the health of Mother Earth.

One florist is making a difference. The owner of Stinky Blooms Flower Farm in Paonia, Colorado, Ashley Krest also has a BA in sustainable agriculture. The Flower Farm grows what the name implies: flowers. As in, flowers for wedding bouquets. Besides just being a very green way to provide flowers for your guests to enjoy, Ashley has a very unique way of working with her clients:

To choose the varieties for your wedding and design the bouquets, you spend time walking through the fields with Ashley, taking time to smell the flowers.

To learn more about Ashley’s locally and organically grown flowers, visit

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