Trends we’re tired of

I admit…I stole the idea for this post. I was recently asked to complete a survey going into 2011 of wedding trends on the rise, and those I wish would die. So it inspired Blair and I to post our own Top 10 list of Wedding Trends We’d Like to See Fade Into the Night.

(One disclaimer: For those of you who chose the dress/hairstyle/makeup/jewelry/what not that is on this list, my intention isn’t to offend. Feel free to Comment with why you think I’m wrong and the trend should continue!)

10. Mermaid gowns. I just don’t think they’re flattering…except maybe to Beyonce. Or Heidi Klum. Or the Size  Negative 2 model pictured here. I just think they look awkward. I’m all for figure hugging and flattering, but the below-the-knee pouf has always had me baffled.

9. Matchy Matchy bridesmaid dresses. If your girls are wearing the same color as the table linens – or, worse, could be confused with the table linens – which are the same color as your finger nails, which perfectly match the sash on the chair covers…you’ve gone overboard. In the words of Stacy London – your wedding party should “go,” not “match.”

8. Chinese lanterns. We’ve mentioned lanterns before. Done well, they’re fun and colorful…but it also seems like “Everyone” is doing them these days. I’m all for the concept – but maybe start there and create a vision truly your own.

7. Sheer pink nails. We’ve mentioned this one before, too.

6. Cupcakes instead of a wedding cake. I think I’ve actually stood in favor of the cupcake in the past…but I’m changing my tune. I’m now favoring the traditional cake. Should you want to mix it up, opt for a tiered cake with a variety of icing and fillings…or throw some Hershey’s minis on the table around the cake, or create a “candy buffet.”

5. Trying to mimic a celebrity wedding. Celebrities are not like us. We are not like them. Your wedding should be about you…not a cheap knock off of an A lister’s multi-gazillion-dollar affair.

4. Elaborate up-dos. The cutting edge bride is more in favor of soft, retro waves and simple ponies than elaborate do’s that require a box of bobby pins to hold it together.

3. Using your wedding as an excuse to be mean to your closest gal pals, or your man’s best buds. We’ve written at length about the “it’s OK to be a witch because it’s your day” fad inspired by Bridezillas. Just scan the Archives…

2. Bigger isn’t always better better. Oodles of bling doesn’t always make the statement you intend…see #5. The sweetest thing I’ve seen lately is a bride who chose to wear a simple necklace given to her by her grandmother years ago to complement her pearl studs, and for “something borrowed” wore the ring her father gave her mother on their 30th wedding anniversary. Now that’s classy. And sweet. And meaningful.

1. Shopping for a gown at Kleinfeld’s in NYC. Not that I’m not all for a trip to the Big Apple, but save it for your honeymoon, or your one-year anniversary. There are soooo many cool places to find unique, couture gowns (for starters, simply type “wedding gown” into Etsy’s search box)…Kleinfeld’s just seems a bit cliche.

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