Tips for De-Stressing

With the 2010 wedding season is behind us, Blair and I are taking some time to slow down and breathe. And now that it’s snowing, we’ll also be taking some time on the slopes.

Brides magazine recently published a list of “16 Surefire Ways to De-Stress.” Here’s the list, along with our colorful commentary:

1. Organize your sock drawer. I get the Zen state of organizing, but personally, I’d rather tackle something meaningful, like my closet. Specifically, tossing out some of my husband’s stuff to make more room for new purchases.
2. Blow bubbles. As long as they’re made of bubble gum. Check out our thoughts on the effects of bubbles and environment here.
3. Check things off a list. Ahhh, that feeling of accomplishment is always satisfying.
4. Give yourself a pedicure. We live in the mountains and spend 9 months out of the year in boots…I’d rather give myself a mani and give my cuticles the attention they deserve.
5. Dance like crazy in your living room. This diva has no rhythm. I’m a self-conscious dancer, even alone in my living room.
6. Count backward from 100. Takes way to long.
7. Head out for a hike. Now this one we can get into…so many places to explore here in Summit County! Be sure to take your dog!
8. Inhale a calming scent, like lavender. I prefer the smell of my daughter right after she gets up in the morning. We call it the “sleepy smell”…that loving scent of a freshly wakened baby.
9. Try out a new, complicated recipe. I cook because my family has to eat. Following recipes is actually quite stressful for me…not sure what that says about my ability and desire to following directions…
10. Go for a drive with the windows open. My favorite drives home are in the fall, when the afternoon light is gauzy and the air is crisp.
11. Scream into a pillow. Only if you want your man to think you’re certifiable and consider calling off the engagement.
12. Pet a cat or dog. Unless you’re allergic to them.
13. Chew gum. When I chew gum while stressed it tends to result in obnoxious chomping. So be mindful of where you chew.
14. Kickbox. Love kickboxing, but I find any kind of exercise therapeutic.
15. Buy a new lipstick. I’m more of a nail polish girl, myself. It’s kind of a fettish…
16. Try on your dress! And twirl around like you’re three trying on your first Big Girl dress. It’ll make you feel fabulous and giddy.

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