Tips & Tricks to Downsize

Today President Obama announced that economic progress has been “painfully slow.” If you, your fiance, your parents, whoever else is helping finance your wedding, are experiencing your own personal economic downfall – all while trying to plan the wedding of your dreams – there are a few tips and tricks we can offer to downsize aspects of your wedding without sacrificing class and the comfort of your guests:

  • Take advantage of all that your venue offers. If they have a sound system that can accommodate an iPOD, and money’s tight, you may have to consider skipping a DJ or band. Perhaps not ideal, but your guests will happily do The Macarena whether it be played by a DJ or from an iPOD.
  • Cash bars aren’t the pariah they once were. We’ve seen an increasing number of bridal parties hosting just a keg, or beer and wine during cocktail hour only, or not hosting at all.Guests don’t seem to mind, as long as they have the means to get a cocktail.
  • “Catering” doesn’t always mean hiring a full-service catering outfit. So far this year, we’ve seen brides order food in from the Ruby Tuesdays, Qdoba and Chipotle chains. True, it wasn’t the Five Star gourmet menu a traditional caterer would’ve provided, but it fit within their budget, and gave them a means to provide food for their guests where otherwise they would’ve had to send everyone away hungry.
  • Your guests don’t know if the gerber daisies floating in the bowl came from a florist, or from the local grocer. We have a closet full of vases, bowls, river rocks, glass beads, mirrors and more to use to construct centerpieces. More than one bride this summer purchased several dozen daisies from Costco and used our materials to keep the flower line item at a minimum.

The Knot has an entire section dedicated to Budget Weddings, featuring The $10K Wedding Challenge, where wedding planners from around the country submitted plans for faux weddings that came in under $10,000.

I’ve often said that a bride could execute a wedding at our Pavilion for $5 grand or less…perhaps I should start our own challenge…hmmm…more to come on that!

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