Want your bridesmaids’ dress altered? Find a reality show.

I’m a huge Project Runway fan. From Heidi’s alluring accent to Michael Kors’ scathing looks when he detests a garment to being in awe of the designers’ creativity and the final products, I love every moment.

Last night’s episode was all about bridesmaid’s dresses. The contestants were assigned a real bridesmaid and her real dress – so not only were they working with awful colors and shiny fabrics – they were working with real women.

Take a look:

There are so many fun, fresh options out there for your girls’ dresses, ladies. (Including a new line launching in December from Season 6 cutie Carol Hannah!) Please try to avoid satin, to-the-floor gowns that you know they won’t really wear again. And if you colors are hot pink and bright orange – for the love of all that is couture – please let them choose chic black knit dresses and then find scarves or other accessories in your color palette they can wear to incorporate your colors without turning your maids into human popsicles.

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