17 Questions to Ask Your Caterer…

As you may or may not know, there is not a preferred caterer at the Silverthorne Pavilion – you can use any caterer you like or even do self catering.  If you’ve ever done a site tour with me at the Pavilion you know that I will tell you, “Your caterer will be a huge part of your day.”  You will work with me to create a floor plan, minor details, etc, however, your caterer will be a very intricate part of your day.  So when I was poking around on theknot.com and came across this article entitled, “Wedding Catering: 17 Questions to Ask Your Caterer,”  I was intrigued. 

This article has some great advice!  Of course not all 17 questions are applicable for the Pavilion, but most of the questions are right on.  Some are more obvious, like does the caterer work with fresh or frozen food?  Others are more intuitive, like will the caterer provide a wait staff?  Or does the caterer handle all of the table settings, including putting out place cards and favors? 

Take a look.  I think that you will find some helpful tips to find the right caterer to help you plan the perfect meal for your big day. 


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