More about hair.

Clicking through any wedding site, you’ll inevitably find dozens of articles and pictures related to the newest and latest hair trends for weddings. Most of which are full or partial up-dos, like these, courtesy of TheKnot:

They’re lovely. They’re sleek. They’re current.

They’re not going to work for those of us with fine hair.

I’ve mentioned quite a bit about my hair here…I have – and always have had – fine, thin hair. Regardless of the trend, my hair won’t do it. (In middle school, Madonna made bandanas-as-headbands all the rage…which worked great for my friends with long, thick locks. High school in NJ…well, let’s just say that if you watch “Jersey Shore,” the hair (rather distrubingly) isn’t that much different from the teased, over-permed bangs we were sporting in 1991. Again, I could back-comb and spray all I wanted…it wasn’t going to look like the coifs of my friends blessed with oodles of hair.)

So I went on a mission to find wedding hairstyles for those of us with fine hair. Yeah, not a lot of examples. Here’s what I did learn, though (part through my research, part through experimentation):

Don’t wash the day-of. Up-dos with fine hair are inevitably going to require a little bit o’ dirt, grime, and yesterday’s styling products.

I know what you’re already thinking…fine hair = greasy, stringy locks. Here’s where the experimentation part came in. Living at 9,000 feet is tough on your hair, so I try to avoid washing every day. Which requires  a menagerie of products to keep the oil at bay. By far the best thing I’ve found is The All Nighter hair powder (I got it at, but I imagine any beauty supply store, online or off, would have it).

It not only sopped up oil, it gives my hair enough volume and texture to actually do something.

If you’re envisioning a complex up-do for your Big Day and have fine hair, definitely something to experiment with ahead of time. It’s super easy to go too heavy with the powder, and whether you’re styling yourself, or asking someone else to do it for you, you’ll want to perform some trials with the powder – those of us with fine hair are accustomed to running combs straight through with little resistance, and this powder changes the texture pretty dramatically.

In the interest of being thorough, I also looked into extensions. Jessica Simpson’s “hairdo ” line seems like the best option if you’re looking to add a little something for the day, but it’s pricey. Pricey enough that you’ll want to add it as a line item to your wedding budget.

For any hair stylists out there reading this, I challenge you to create styles for the fine-haired set of us. And send me the advice and pictures. Til then, dear readers: powder, spray, tease, repeat.

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