Katie Bear Getting Married

Blair’s little sister is getting married. We promised to keep her name a secret, so we’ll call her “Katie Bear.”

Katie Bear recently sent us pictures of her latest trip to the wedding dress shop. We had a lot of fun critiquing them…Blair, I think, had more fun naming the pictures. This one she named “hideous front”:

The bust fits well, and we liked how the train lays…but, ladies, anything with a sash drawn around the widest part of your figure just isn’t flattering. A man must have designed this one.

Next up is “long train”:

Unless you’re marrying into the Royal Family, or have the money for a ceremony dress and a second for your reception, best to stay away from uber-long trains. Gorgeous going down the aisle…cumbersome maneuvering from table-to-table during your reception, and let’s not even get into dancing.

I think Blair was a bit harsh on the next one, which she dubbed “short ugly front”:

I think it’s kind of cute – but we both agreed that it’s more suitable as a reception dreses. But then it’s awkward, too, because it’s rather ornate to be the second dress. It’s like it’s confused about what it wants to be…

Next up is “princess back.” The cut of the back is incredibly flattering to Katie Bear….ah, to be 22 again…but the lace-up combined with oodles and oodles of tulle is just a bit much:

The dress that isn’t pictured here is the one that Katie Bear ultimately selected. We’ll wait until we get the official wedding pix to show you what she chose!

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