Rent the Runway – the Netflix of couture.

Ladies, you know how forever we’ve lamented that we should be able to rent formalwear the same as guys are able to? Rent the Runway is the answer to our prayers and complaints.

I learned about this from a post on Rocky Mountain Bride, and decided to explore the site for myself to see if it really was as good as it sounded. And it is. Here’s how it works:

You have to register, but you can do so for free. Once on the site, select from a long list of “occassions,” ranging from summer wedding to prom to beach vacation. For the purpose of this site, I clicked on “summer wedding” and started salivating. (I’ve written before about my addiction to fashion magazines…I know the names of designers whose garments I never thought I’d be able to wear – until now.)

Rent a Proenza Schouler empire dress that retails for $1,750.00 for just $200.00. Dying to wear Nicole Miller’s beaded dresses, but can’t fathom (or budget for) the $800.00 price tag? Rent it for an evening for just $100.00.

Genius, I tell you...sheer and utter genius.

This is so fabulous I wish I could make Blair get married so I could rent a dress for her wedding and wallow in the couture.

You can sort by price, select the dates you need it, and they even send you the next size up or down at no additional cost to ensure it fits. They’ll even give you suggestions for your body type should you desire. The day after your event, simply package the garment or accessory in the provided box or envelope, and ship it back FOR FREE.

Not only does it solve that age-long dilemma of having “nothing to wear,” you can make a selection for your bridesmaids, and avoid the sell over numerous glasses of wine assuring them that you’ll choose something that of course they’ll be able to wear again. They’ll be outfitted in the most current fashions at a fraction of the cost, and won’t have to collect a closet full of dresses that – let’s face it – probably won’t ever be worn again.

It’s been a good long while since I’ve been truly excited by something, and this has me all a-flutter. One of you has to promise to try this, and write in with the results…

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