Put it in writing

My brother recently got divorced (not exactly what you want to lead with on a wedding site, I know – but at least now I have the freedom to use his ex-wife and the wedding she planned as an example of what not to do for your wedding).

As I’ve said in numerous posts, his wedding was a giant affair with lots of people and working parts. It was also in New Jersey. For those of us not accustomed to traveling around the Garden State, just navigating from the park where pictures were taken to the church to the reception site was stressful and difficult – compounded by a general air of confusion.

Letting your guests know where restrooms are available may seem like a little thing...but not to the person with a small child who has to go!

We found ourselves dashing from place to place with little time to eat, had a difficult time finding rest rooms (not ideal for our then 5-year-old son, who was the ring bearer), and were either shot evil looks or ignored completely when we asked questions about where we were supposed to be when. (The evening of the rehearsal there was some confusion about what time we were all supposed to gather at her parent’s house…her response was “It was all in the email I sent you a month ago!”)

Which brings me to the point of this post. Giving everyone in your party (including spouses, parents, and grandparents) a detailed itinerary upon arrival is perhaps the most brilliant idea, well, ever…especially for destination weddings where the majority of your guests won’t be familiar with the area.

Make it pocket or purse size, and you can even have fun with the design so it matches your invitations and other details. Regardless of how creative you choose to get, make sure it includes not only times and places, but directions, phone numbers to call if they get lost, and also helpful hints like where the nearest bathrooms and coffee shops are located at any given stop along the way.

Our friends at Rocky Mountain Bride posted a detailed article about this recently, click here to read more on the subject.

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