Blame it on the bride

This article about “Attack of the Bridesmaidzillas” has some truth to it…we’ve come to learn that, should things not go exactly as planned on the day-of, it’s often the wrath of the bridesmaids to be incurred – not the bride. But in the maids’ defense, I don’t think they’re to blame. Sorry, my dear brides, but I think your maids have been pushed over the edge.

Maybe it’s because we penned several posts about the things you have a right to ask of your maids – and the things you don’t – so it’s top-of-mind, but we’ve seen more and more brides treating their maids like, well, maids. (click here, and here) Should you not want to read the original posts, we’ll summarize for you:

  • Just as you think they should feel honored to be invited to your party, you, too, should feel a special warm fuzzy that they value your friendship enough to spend wads of cash on (unexpected) expenses for dresses, gifts, shoes, travel and all the other details that come with being a maid. Not to mention the vacation days they’ll be cashing in to spend shopping, traveling for, and attending your showers, wedding and reception.
  • You don’t have the right to dictate what your maids do to their hair / body / face six months before you wedding.
  • You cannot forbid fresh ink or piercings.
  • And you may absolutely not stress about their weight, choice of dates, or lack of.

My husband and I were watching “Bridezillas” last weekend (he actually got more into the episode than I did), and the poor bridesmaids sat dumbfounded as the witchy bride went through a check list of “thou shalt nots,” demanded that one girl have her “clown” hair re-colored, and then (horror!) told a second maid that she noticed some recent weight gain, so she took the liberty of ordering a dress size larger.

It’s no wonder your ladies are striking back! Now, I know, some of you reading will insist that that’s not you. That you’ve given your maids the respect, freedom and praise they deserve. And good for you. Please be an example to the rest that just because your best gal pals have agreed to do you the honor of standing beside you on your big day doesn’t mean that you can treat them like 15th century servants from The Tudors.

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