Inspiration from a bygone era

This article about celebrity weddings on MNS’s “Glo” got my attention the other day. I normally don’t follow the celeb wedding stuff, because – let’s face it – they’re not like us. They have multi-million dollar weddings featuring couture gowns from the world’s most renowned designers, never-ending bottles of Cristal, and orchestration from wedding planners that make more planning their day than I will in 5 years. Basically, it’s not reality for 99.9% of brides. And we try to provide helpful, relative information.

But I’m breaking my rule.

Clicking through the slideshow, there are the predictable pix of Britney and KFed, Katie & Tom, and Speidi. It’s the black and whites from generations past that caught my attention. I stared at this picture of Elizabeth Taylor and Conrad Hilton for a good long while.

E.T. has never been anything but the epitome of gorgeous and glamorous, but just look at her! She’s glowing. And happy. The caption accompanying the picture gave her props for the short coiffe and understated-yet-elegant make up.

I’ve said before that our grandmothers knew how to do a wedding. Perhaps something got lost in the generational translation, but I think today’s most beautiful brides take a page from their book…

Hair and make up styled so it’s unique to you (who you are year-round, not just on this one day), a perfectly tailored dress. A smile in their eyes as they relaxed and simply enjoyed the day.

For more fun pix of Liz’s famous (infamous?) weddings, visit this Life Gallery. May her grace, attention to details, and perfectly groomed eyebrows inspire you, too.

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