Dear Ann…where have you been?

Blair is from the South (as in the very proper, rolling accented, Scarlett O’Hara part of the southern region).

Last week she was preparing to go home for a wedding – to which she is expected to dress as a respectable Southern lady. So she asked her mother to send her a former bridesmaid dress that she had shortened, borrowed a black cardigan from me, and bought a wide, chunky belt. Gladiator sandals completed the transformation of the dress from maid-to-guest.

(Which is more and more the trend these days, ladies…choosing dresses that your girls really can wear again. And mean it earnestly…not just something you say to make yourself and your gals feel better about the chunk of change they’re spending on a dress for your wedding.)

And then today I saw an ad for Ann Taylor’s new line of wedding wear. I was excited. (I spent so much time clicking on the various dresses and color swatches that a passerby would’ve thought I was planning my own wedding.) The brand renowned for its sleek, classic womens wear has carried those signature elements into understated gowns and dresses any maid would happily don.

The maids dresses come in a range of sophisticated colors, most are cut from silk, and all have simple, slim silouettes. Fine details like pockets and waist-defining sashes complete the looks.

This one, in particular, I considered buying just to have on hand for any occasion. Perhaps the best part of AT’s foray into wedding wear? That if you go online now you’ll get a smokin’ deal. Brides, choose a dress and a color, then let your girls pair up to take advantage of the “buy 1, get 1 half-off” deal.

And while you’re there, check out the gowns.

Also made from silk, they are etheral, flattering to any shape, and very reasonably priced. Leaving room in your budget for some fun stuff. Or for the honeymoon…it’s up to you.

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