Why not?

I don’t smoke, and with two kids at home, I rarely find time to drink. I eat fairly well, and exercise as often as I can. Aside from chocolate, perhaps my biggest vice is fashion magazines. I am drawn to new versions of InStyle,Harper’s Bazaar and Glamour like a moth to a flame. Heaven help me when the latest editions of Elle hits the stands.

And despite the fact that we live in the mountains – where jeans, Danskos and Sorels are daily uniform – I am destined to salivate over the fashion pages. I’m particularly intrigued with the spreads dedicated to day-into-evening conversions. (You know, ditch the cardy, throw on a sassy pair of heals and earrings, swap the gloss for lipstick and you’re ready to hit cocktail hour.)

So I didn’t surprise myself when, while looking through the latest edition of Brides Colorado magazine, I stopped randomly flipping to take in every detail of “Part Deux” – pages dedicated to adding, changing and subtracting accessories from your ceremony look to transition to your reception look.

The looks are all below. I love, love, love this idea. It gives you the opportunity to continue enjoying the dress you adore, but also to make yourself more comfortable with less-fussy and edgier accessories. Have a peek:

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