Go green…or red, or orange. Anything but sheer.

I should preface this post by announcing that I painted my nails turquoise last week. I loved it. My 11-year-old son hated it (and told me so), but I was bored with the typical variations of spring pinks.

So when the headline “6 New Spring Nail Polishes That Are Perfect For Weddings” appeared in Yahoo, I had to click. While waiting for the page to load, I was thinking “Finally! Someone is breaking away from the sheer pink mani in favor of some fun, bold colors to accompany today’s more daring and non-traditional dresses and shoes!”

I was disappointed. The “6 New Polishes” are all some variation of sheer pink.

Your hands are going to be on display all day long, girls. After all, how many occassions in your life do you spend the day with your hand demurely extended to people you’re speaking with to show off your new sparkly accessory? Why not take the opportunity let your nails be one more way to express your personality? (Admit it…on any other day of the year, your nails would be something other than sheer pink.)

Maybe it’s just me…I did, after all, paint my nails turquoise…but the sheer pink thing also seems really dated in a “brides everywhere are drenching themselves with ‘Beautiful’ on their wedding day” kind of way. (Not that there’s anything wrong with Estee Lauder’s signature scent, but I thought we’d moved beyond it several years ago.)

If you feel you must in some way have your nails linked to floral – why not pick a color from a collection like Sephora by OPI’s “Modern Flowers“? Regardless of the collection, something bright and gorgeous would be a welcome pop of color against your dress in the pictures, don’t ya think? Or maybe it’s all because I liked the turquoise…

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