More on my younger sister’s upcoming (who knows when or where) nuptials.

Ali was engaged on Valentine’s Day, this year, 2010.  When I asked when and where the wedding would be, Ali replied in her moderate, calm tone, “Well, we just wanted to take some time and enjoy our engagement.”  “Great!,” I responded, immediately followed by, “So you are planning on waiting until next year to get married.”   No.  That was not the case.  They will be getting married in 2010, they are just going to wait until April of 2010 to decide when and where…

Ok, a few issues with this.  First, being as my job is to book rentals for weddings at the Pavilion, I know that by April of 2010 every Saturday from May to September is booked, as well as almost every Friday.  You just limit your options SO much by waiting, yet not being flexible with your timing or date.  Second, guests need to have time to prepare for a destination wedding, which California would be for 99% of their guests.  Families need to line up babysitters or save up some money to purchase 4 plane tickets across the country. I only have a certain amount of time off a year, as do many others.  There are other colleagues asking for time off, weekends that I simply can’t take off, and then the time and money it takes to plan a trip.   I am planning my time off now; river trips are coming available now.  I don’t want to turn something down because my sister may or may not be getting married that weekend.  I need to know!  Third, I come to find out that the main reason Ali and Scott have been dragging their feet to choose a date is because Scott’s older brother was just married this past weekend(for the second time) in Vegas and they did not want to “steal their thunder”.  AGGHHH!  Because you don’t want to steal their thunder, you may not have the dream wedding you always planned for?!?!

I mean honestly, what makes that day so special?  Sure, you and your fiancé/husband are committing yourselves to each other for the rest of your life.  Big deal, yes, but what makes it so special?  Having the people that love and care about you most there to share that very special moment with you.  That’s why most do not just go down to the courthouse and settle it that way.  They want to celebrate with their peeps.  Couples, like almost anything else in this world, do not exist within a vacuum.  It takes the love and support of family and friends to carry you through. 

So please, please think about what is most important to you on your special day!


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