Big cakes and fancy toppers

There was a blurb on one of the search engines this morning about the world’s heaviest wedding cake…check out this saccharine sensation:

17 feet tall.

15,032 pounds.

10,000 pounds of pound cake batter.

4,810 pounds of icing.

Feeds 59,000 people.

The only thing I haven’t been able to find out about it is why on earth someone needed to feed 59,000 people with a wedding cake. Unless it was serving the entire population of Greenland. If anyone knows the answer – please let us know!

Moving on from my fascination with cakes …The giant cake search led me to find a website featuring crazy little cake toppers.

Some were sweetly romantic, reminiscent of a bygone era:

Others are appropriate for hosting a wedding here in Summit County:

And still others are, well, I’ll let you pick the adjective:

(Just a thought…if this topper appeals to you because it’s a perfect depiction of your pre-marital relationship, you may want to consider pulling a Julia Roberts and running like the wind.)

If you’re in the market for a keepsake atop your cake, it’s worth checking out the collection. In addition to figurines they also have silver monograms and subtle hearts.

Given the scale of the cake we opened this post with…I wonder how much the not-so-tiny toppers weighed? Perhaps the bride and groom could make the entrance by posing high atop the last tier.

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