The boys weigh in

Feeling a bit uninspired today, I was poking around The Plunge for post fodder. As usual, the message boards are the best place to surf for interesting stuff. Related to the post below about ousting your maid of honor was a question posed to the boys basically asking the same thing…MOH gets tattoos, has multi-toned hair, what to do?

And – shockingly – the boys were mostly in favor of ousting the poor girl.

Come on folks. Really? The only sensible thing I’ve read in this entire debate is this:

“Don’t remove her from the wedding party because of her appearance. She (the bride) asked her (the MOH) to be in the party because of her friendship…”

I think that pretty much sums it up. We’re talking friendships here people.  I’m kind of stunned at the number of people willing to throw away a relationship over a tattoo. And as for the hair…the boys’ answer was simply to ask the MOH to dye here hair something neutral for the ceremony and then re-dye it afterward.

As someone with a color fettish myself (I’ve been blond, red, and brunette over the last decade), this form of personal expression is just that…personal. Stick to dictating the color of their dresses, jewelry and shoes, ladies. And enjoy them for who they are – the characteristics you cherish every other day of the year.

One last word on the subject…if the color of someone’s hair is keeping you awake at night with nasty thoughts, grab a package of double stuffed Oreos, plop yourself down in a comfy chair and watch a “Bridezilla” marathon….

Hmmmm….suddenly it just doesn’t sound so rational to kick your BFF out of the party, huh?

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