Ousting your MOH

An email from WeddingChannel promoting 50 (New!) Unique Reception Ideas landed in my inbox the other day. Always scouring stuff like this for new ideas for y’all, I clicked it…new color combinations, gorgeous cakes, involving your pet in your wedding…fighting with the MOH. Oooo….now that looks intriguing!

While the message board post spawned by a bride angry about her maid’s waning attention / choice of body decoration / lack of respect made for interesting reading, it also sounded a wee bit whiny.

Ladies, your maids get that it’s your day. They are happy for you. Deep down they love you – so much so that they’ll spend hundreds of dollars on a dress you selected and they’ll wear once, shower gifts, bridal party expenses, travel costs and all that comes with being a bride’s maid. They’ll put up with your crazy aunt re-doing the centerpieces they lovingly crafted for your day. They’ll stand in the hot sun for hours in desperate need of a bathroom waiting for you to get one last picture. They’ll endure snarky comments from your relatives. And – dare I say it – they’ll most likely also be the recipient of a snipe or two from you as the pressure mounts the morning of your big day.

Cut them some slack.

Remember that even though they are happy for you, your soon-to-be hubby, and have every desire to be supportive of you during the planning process – they have a life, too. They have boyfriends / husbands / children / family of their own to care for, households to manage, jobs to maintain, bills to pay, and parties to plan for you. While many of our posts on this site encourage brides to be themselves and celebrate your day in your own signature style, I have to spend this one sticking up for the maids.

While Lsg5013 makes a seemingly strong case for how thoughtless and uncaring her MOH is being…I have to wonder if she took a minute to stare in the mirror for a moment before firing off that post. Your day is important to you, dear Lsg. It doesn’t (nor should it) dictate the choices your girls make for the entire year leading up to it.

I suspect you realize you’re being a bit harsh because you posed the question to the world wondering if you are wrong. Quite frankly, yes. Yes you are. So take the former maid to dinner (on you), order two glasses of red wine, apologize to her for the way you’ve been acting, and talk the issues out woman-to-woman. End it all with a hug, reassure her that her friendship is prized, and that you value her participation in your wedding day.

What do you all think?

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