I (heart) Family Suites

I’ve spent a good number of my weekends during February and March in Craig – a medium-sized town in the northwest corner of Colorado. Why? Hockey. My son is a Squirt hockey player, and the Rocky Mountain League consists of our team, along with teams from Utah, Telluride, Grand Junction and a few places in between. If you know the geography of Colorado – you know it’s a dang long way between our towns. So the solution was to gather in Craig and play as many games as possible in any given weekend…at least until the kids’ legs fall off.

This has required hotel stays. So picture me, my husband, our six-month-old daughter (and a portable crib), Shawn (and sometimes a friend), their hockey gear (which is stowed in bags bigger than the kids), and the dog (who’s a great pyranese) in a typical hotel room. Chaos is the only way to describe it. We had to carefully navigate around skates, dropped baby toys, computer cords…they certainly weren’t the most comfortable stays I’ve had in a hotel.

Yesterday Blair and I toured our local Quality Inn & Suites, and I fell in love with the “family suite.” Quite possibly because of my very recent hotel experiences, but I think it’s another great option for those of you coming in for weddings, and have invited guests with children.

The family suite had a separate living area, a king size bed and – get this – a bedroom with bunk beds, dresser, and its own TV for the kids. The suite is perfect for anyone with kids trying to maintain while on vacation.

The honeymoon suite at the Quality Inn is complimentary for the bride and groom when 10 or more rooms are booked for wedding guests.

In addition to the family suite, the Silverthorne Quality Inn has a honeymoon suite (complete with a hot tub in the center of the room giving you views of the Gore Range while you soak), and an efficiency suite, which is more like an apartment than a hotel room.

For just $2000, the hotel will give a party access to the entire 2nd floor. So those of you gathering your friends and family for your special day can allow everyone to enjoy time together outside of your reception in a home-away-from-home mini neighborhood. Brilliant.


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