Crafted by hand, and fabulous

My New Year’s resolution was to learn to sew. Well, it wasn’t exactly a resolution, but a desire to craft stuff fueled by my husband’s gift of a Singer sewing machine. Thus far I’ve learned to thread the bobbin, and put together a very crude pouch for all his wood carving tools. Next on my list, though, are cute little clothes for my baby daughter and fun, versatile knit pieces that I could probably buy cheaper at a discount store, but it makes me feel productive to make it myself.

Anyhow, my husband turned me on to Etsy. It’s this fabulous website where people who craft handmade items can sell them. They also have lots of patterns and how-to tips.

A hand crafted bag from Etsy is the perfect complement to any wedding ensemble.

And, relevant to you all, a WEDDING SECTION! From creative cake toppers to dresses to die for, they have a robust collection of fabulous  items sure to make your wedding original, memorable, and truly yours.

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