Uneven Bridal Parties

This seems to be the week for me to air all of my personal dirty wedding laundry. I’ve mentioned before that we’re signed up to receive emails and notices from a variety of places in an attempt to consolidate and pass along good information on to all of our faithful followers planning their special day.

This post doesn’t fall into that category. This falls more into the “sour grapes that I refuse to ever get over and now am compelled to share it with the world” category.

I saw this Message Board post in a recent email from Wedding Channel, and it made my stomach turn. Why? I’ll tell you why:

Four years ago, my brother got married in his significant other’s version of My Big Fat Greek Wedding (quite literally…his wife’s family is Greek, the wedding was giant, required the taking of a second mortgage, and was extravagant enough to make my conservative, Midwestern side of the family blush at a variety of turns).

My bro had 9 standing on his side – including his bride’s two brothers, whom she insisted stand as part of the wedding party.

She had 8 on her side.

I am my brother’s only sibling.

I was not invited to be part of the wedding party.

Sour grapes, I tell you!

So back to the question posed by Jennifer99…Be careful, dear Jennifer, very, very careful. Are all of your sibs already in the party? Every close friend? Your long lost cousin? I would worry much more about the crushed feelings of someone left out of your side who happens to be able to add than about a guy walking solo down the aisle.

Trust me…the solo guy will soak up the attention, while the passed over party will sit quiety in the pews bitterly watching your maids giggle, ooh and aaawhh throughout your ceremony, and the sting will linger.

On that cheery note – happy weekend, all! Blair and I plan to spend it hitting the (finally!) fresh snow on the slopes.


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