Accommodation Angst Solved

My husband and I got married at his dad’s place in the country, and we reserved blocks of rooms at two hotels – one suitable for our friends (who – then – were rowdy 20-something singles), and a more upscale place for our families. My grandfather, bless his soul, decided that he, my grandmother, and my aunts and uncles on my mother’s side should save money and stay at the hotel we were hoping to cordon our single friends at.

It was a disaster.

As anyone could’ve fortold – the friends got predictably unruly (to the point that stuff that doesn’t float and had no business being in water had to be fished from the pool by the staff and they were charged hundreds of dollars in damage by the hotel), and my grandfather got predictably annoyed.

It was not the note on which we wanted to depart on our honeymoon.

However – we kept pointing out that that’s EXACTLY why we were trying to segregate our families from our friends.

Should you find yourself in a similar dilemma, Wildernest Property Management can help. Located here in Silverthorne, they manage a wide range of accommodations, from town houses to condos.

Whether you’re seeking to do the same thing we tried to do and keep your friends from a late-night encounter with an angry grandfather, or simply want to give friends who are making a vacation of your destination wedding more lodging options, give them a buzz! And be sure to tell them we sent you.

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