Let them eat chocolate

Our friends at the Silverthorne Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory have partnered with us to provide brides with access to chocolate fountains, and other custom yummies from the Factory.

Delight your guests with a chocolate fountain!

We’ve talked about chocolate on this blog before…mostly because I’m a chocoholic, and now that my daughter’s four months old, I can no longer blame my cravings on pregnancy. The chic thing to do these days is edible centerpieces featuring the cocoa goodness. So whether you want to put together fabulous selections for the tables, provide your bridal party with a few bars to munch on upon arrival in their hotel room, or rent a chocolate fountain to give guests a way to interact with the chocolate, the Factory has you covered!

The bridal discount prices are listed below…if you’re interested in any of these options, please call Seth or Kelsey (a lovely engaged couple themselves) at 970-262-2462. You can also email them at rmcfsilverthorne@gmail.com.

Chocolate Fountain Rental:

$100 per every 50 guests

Includes set up, maintaining and cleaning the fountain and chocolate for three hours

Extra time:

$35  per half-hour

Dipping Materials:

$2.50 x (number of guests)


(Normally retail for $2.29 / each)

100 truffles @ $1.70 ea. = $170.00 (savings of $59)

200 truffles @ $1.60 ea. = $320.00 (savings of $138)

300 truffles @ $1.50 ea. = $450.00 (savings of $237)

400 truffles @ $1.40 ea. = $560.00 (savings of $356)

500 truffles @ $1.30 ea. = $650.00 (savings of $495)

Assorted Chocolates:

(Normally retail for $19.49/lb)

Less than 10 pounds of assorted chocolates – brides receive 10% off retail

10 – 15 pounds of assorted chocolates – brides receive 15% off retail

More than 15 pounds of assorted chocolates – brides receive 20% off retail

Four-Pack of Assorted Boxed Chocolates:

(Normally retail for $5.99)

$4.25 ea. (minimum order of 10 boxes)

Package Deal:

Choose any three options from above and receive 5% off your entire purchase.

Additional options, custom packages, and further pricing is available upon request. 50% down payment required and credit card needed on file to rent Fountain.

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