Gem of a site…

A co-worker of ours pointed us the direction of…ironically, our IT guy. (You’ll see the irony after reading this article about inviting or not inviting co-workers.)

While many of the bridal sites we scour have sections for the guys a la the few pages Vogue magazine dedicates to the men – this particular site is clearly written by men, for men. It doesn’t offer froofy tips to try to get the men involved – on the contrary, it’s written in guy-speak with helpful tips on everything from when it’s appropriate (and how) to stick up for “your woman” to your parents during the planning process, and how to go about planning the bachelor party.

We’re adding it to Links We Love as a permablog, but it’s a juicy enough find to include here as a post, too. Finally, something for the boys to enjoy in all this wedding hoopla.

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