While we’re on the topic…

So after posting about satin dyeables, I asked Blair (who’s a decade younger than me) if she ever wore them. To my surprise, she said yes…when she was a (very young) flower girl at someone’s wedding way back when. Proves my point.

That got us talking about 80s style in general, and how hideous it was. (I know, I know, neon is coming back, big shoulders are regrettably making a comeback also…hopefully not for long once we all remember how awful they were the first time around.)

I made the comment to Blair that the 80s were just a bad, bad decade, stylistically speaking. (Come on, ladies of the 80s…you know you were right there with me trying on the Laura Ashley collection of bedazzled dresses for prom.) Blair’s response was “but don’t you think that women of every decade will look back and say that?”

No, no I don’t. Because I think today’s styles are much more classic. Think about the 30s, 40s and 50s. We can all look back at the women of those eras and know that a picture is dated – but the styles were so classic that the women still looked beautiful and put together. Clothes were streamlined. Dresses were cut to flatter (much as they are today…and so unlike the poofy-sleeved, awkwardly hemmed creations of the 80s).

I look back at my grandmothers’ wedding pictures, and – certainly – there was more lace that I would consider is fashionable by today’s standards. But the dresses were cut close to their bodies, flattered their waists and were just, well, classic.

My hope for you Gen Y brides is that your grandchildren will look back with the same thoughts…that perhaps the fabric is dated, but how beautiful you looked and how they wouldn’t mind wearing your dress on their special day.

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