RIP satin dyeables

Most of you newly engaged brides out there are probably too young to remember satin dyeables. The days way back when…when for some deranged late 1980s, early 1990s reason, your shoes had to be the EXACT shade of your dress. (I myself remember dying shoes to match my prom dress, and my wedding dress. ) Ergo, shoe stores from Payless to Macys had a collection of satin pumps that could be dyed to match for a mere fee of a few dollars more.

Thank heaven those days have come and gone. And bless you, ladies, for helping the formal footwear style evolve to something not only more comfy, but pretty. And stylish. No matter how traditional or modern your dress, you can add a special touch with peep-toed stilettos in a sultry hue adorning your feet.

The added bonus being that you can pick shoes that are actually comfortable. The satin dyables weren’t exactly about comfort. You just crammed your foot in and hoped for the best the rest of the evening.

Along with the colored footwear trend came the era of slippers and ballet flats. Should your feet get wary of enduring the endless hours on your fun, prized stilettos, it’s now perfectly acceptable to don a pair of ballet flats or some such thing.

At the Pavilion last summer, we saw many a bride changing her footwear mid-way through the reception. Again, kudos to you, ladies, for striking the perfect balance between comfort and style!

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