Just bag it

I periodically pop out to theknot.com just to surf around for new ideas to compile for y’all, and this morning they had an ad featuring a sale on various items for your bridal party members. One of the items was tote bags. I thought it was brilliant. (Not me, mind you…the idea of giving a tote bag as a gift.)

At the Pavilion, we have a room adjacent to the lobby that is often used as a bridal suite. It’s large enough to accommodate the entire party (including flower girls and ring bearers running amuck), couches for lounging while everyone’s getting ready, and we’ll usually provide a coat rack or two for the party members to hang clothes and bags on.

We give brides the option to transition the room during the ceremony from a bridal suite to another purpose they may need – a children’s play area, additional seating for cocktail hour, etc. In these instances, our staff will take care of removing all the personal items, storing them in another area of the Pavilion and tidying the room. Which brings me back to the tote bags…

I can’t tell you the number of times each wedding season I have to stuff someone’s makeup, hairbrush and other personal items into a plastic bag, and sort out whose shoes and clothes are whose to try to make sense of it all before moving it to a storage area for safe keeping. It’s sometimes, well, gross – and at best, uncomfortable.

In checking out the collection of totes for sale, I envisioned bridesmaids each having their own, monogrammed totes neatly lined up with all of their personal effects tucked inside ready for us to simply move the bags. Brilliant, right?

I can’t imagine it’s just us that runs across this issue – don’t underestimate the amount of stuff your girls will need to carry with them on your big day, ladies…make up bags, curling irons, hand mirrors, perfume bottles, a change of clothes, extra shoes, their dates’ phone / wallet / camera. So I think a tote would make perfect sense as a practical gift.

And if it seems a little too practical, you can always opt to personalize them further by filling them with little goodies and other meaningful gifts for your gals.

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