Yummy Centerpieces

At the Pavilion, we specialize in weddings, but also host business meetings throughout the year. As a result, we’re on mailing lists for lots of event-planning mags. This tasty little tidbit from meeting planner Katja Morgenstern was published in the most recent “one+” magazine for event planners – but I think her thoughts on Decorating with Food are fabulous for brides, too.

As part of an article about ways to shrink the “food and beverage” line item from your wedding menu, consider taking Katja’s advise to use tapas or desserts as your (edible) centerpiece. (For those of you who – like me – thought that “tapas” were a Mexican dish – they’re a broad term for appetizers. Here’s the full definition courtesy of Wikipedia.)

Brown was a particularly popular color this past season, often accompanied by shades of green and blue. Imagine a table dressed with teal-colored linens and accessorized with a tray of chocolates for the centerpiece. I think it would look fabulous – and your guests are certain to appreciate the care you took in selecting the right mix of dark, milk, and white…possibly more than they would a floral centerpiece.

I googled “chocolate centerpiece” but couldn’t find the image that’s in my head – so you’ll have to imagine with me. Close your eyes…and picture a round table dressed in a  linen the same shade as a rich, creamy mousse. The flatware is sterling and the plates are glass. In the middle of the table sits an antique silver tray, on which are arranged a delightful array of filled chocolates.

Elegant, right? Not to mention yummy. I think Katja’s definitely on to something. Am I the only one whose mouth is watering?

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