Happy Holidays! Plan accordingly…

We’re staring down the barrel at Christmas and New Year’s. Ski season has begun, and Blair and I are anxious for the resorts to open more terrain. (Snow dance, everyone!)

It’s also the time of year that we see our second wave of site reservations for weddings following the holiday engagement season. So I decided to post a quick note to all brides-to-be who receive a special, sparkly gift this season:

Book your date NOW! Especially if you’re looking into destination weddings in places like here in Summit County, there are a limited number of venues, and a finite number of Fridays and Saturdays.

At the Pavilion, we’ll hold a date for you without money down or a signed contract. I always tell brides considering the Pavilion that once we’re in your Top 3 venues, let us know, and we’ll hold the date while you make a final decision. Because there’s a good chance that if you wait much past January to book your venue thinking that September and October are a long way off, the date you’ve lovingly chosen, cross-checked that all of your friends can make it, and there aren’t any conflicts with other family events, will no longer be available.

Trust us – it’s much easier to have a discussion with a bride who ended up choosing another venue and wants to release the date than that telling her there aren’t any available dates in the entire month she wanted to get married.

But – something to consider if your date has already been booked – if you’re planning a destination wedding, the normal rules don’t apply. We’ve found that guests at weddings hosted at the Pavilion don’t mind celebrating on Thursdays or Sundays – because they’ve planned a mini-vacation around the date so it’s all one, big party to them. So keep your mind open. And in the meantime, book that date!


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